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Learning GIS-technologies

We invite everyone to take GIS technology training courses!
Minimum of theory, maximum of practical!

We offer the following types of work:

  • 01
    Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop 10.x. Basic Express
  • 02
    ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x. Advanced level
  • 03
    ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x for architects
  • 04
    ArcGIS for Desktop. Organization of data
  • 05
    ArcGIS for Desktop. Coordinate systems
  • 06
    ArcGIS for Server 10.x installation and configuration. Data services
  • 07
    Creating ESRI SDE location databases on the Oracle DBMS platform
  • 08
    Creating ESRI SDE location databases on MS SQL Server DBMS platform
  • 09
    Creating ESRI SDE geodatabase on PostgreSQL DBMS
  • 10
    ERDAS IMAGINE - multispectral analysis and processing of raster data
  • 11
    Online Course: The Basics of ArcGIS
  • 12
    We also offer the development of specific training programs focused on the specific tasks of the customer.

Work examples

The main factors affecting
on the cost of work:

  • Course program
  • The number of people in the group

As a result of work
you will receive:

  • 01
    The certificate of the established sample
  • 02
    Improving software skills
  • 03
    Methodical materials and datasets for tasks
  • 04
    New acquaintances and 4 coffee breaks