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Land management and cadastre

Implementation of land management tasks of any complexity.

We offer the following types of work:

  • 01
    Boundary Settlement
  • 02
    Land inventory
  • 03
    Change of purpose of land
  • 04
    Privatization of land
  • 05
    Division / merger of land
  • 06
    Installation / restoration of land boundaries in kind (on the ground)
  • 07
    The establishment of easements
  • 08
    Renewal of land lease agreements
  • 09
    Assignment of a code of a type of land designation
  • 10
    Correction of errors in the State Land Cadastre
  • 11
    Technical advice on land issues

Work examples

The main factors affecting
on the cost of work:

  • The area of the land and the number of turning points of its borders
  • Location of the facility
  • The number of necessary approvals of land management documentation
  • Legal complexity of work

As a result of work
you will receive:

  • 01
    A copy of the agreed documentation on land management in electronic and paper form
  • 02
    Extract from the State Land Cadastre about the land
  • 03
    XML exchange file (electronic document)
  • 04
    Advisory opinion (in case of technical advice on land issues)